Stanley Macadam Company’s commitment to maintaining the highest standard in quality of operations, health and safety and environmental are fundamental to the successful operation of our business. Our health and safety programme delivered to all our employees, subcontractors and the public provides the highest standards for a safe and healthy working environment. Fully compliant with Safety, Health and Welfare at Work legislation Stanley Macadam Company is committed to being a leader in their field in raising standards of good industry safe practice, constantly updating risk assessment evaluations and procedures.

Our Health, Safety and Environmental team ensure the management of safety policies are stringently adhered to on and off site and are dedicated to ongoing consultation with management and all company staff and operatives. Safety Statements, Health and Safety Audits and customised in-house annual courses are all part of our Stanley Macadam Company’s Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) programme delivered to the highest standards.

Safety Statement

Construction Industry Federation

Tax Clearance Certificate

Insurances – Public, Employers, Fleet and Contractor

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